Charles Troob, Publisher
Susan Rauch, Associate Publisher
Tom Ashley. Associate Publisher

Prose Editors: Carmen Mason and Mary R. Smith
Prose Readers:
Andrea Arnold
Florence Edelman
Mary Elwood
Mary Houts
Alix Kane
Ruth Kavesh
Lorna Porter
Barbara Preschel
Eric Roper
Elaine Greene Weisburg

Poetry Editor:
 Mark Fischweicher
Poetry Judges:
Mireya Perez Bustillo
Eileen Brener
Carmen Mason
Carol Schoen
Mary R. Smith

Photo Editors: Peter Houts and Jerry Vogel
Photo Judges:
Peter Houts
Marshall Marcovitz
Susan Rauch
Robin Sacknoff
Claude Samton
Roy Sanders

Arts Editor:  Carol Millsom
Arts Judges:
Joan Rosenbaum
Lila Shoshkes